When I first started my blog, I shared a lot of business outfits because I was working in an office every day.  I built my business wardrobe through the tips from this blog post, but since I have been working from home for the past year, I haven’t posted much work wear.  SO I thought I would share one of my favorite new outfits for when I do go in the office.  One of my favorite things to wear to work is a conservative black dress.  I think dresses are incredibly comfortable to work in and they have a classy touch on typical work attire.  This one is absolutely perfect for work because it is the three things you want in a work dress: appropriate, comfortable, and stylish!  (Oh and budget friendly, which is a huge plus)!  I typically wear dresses like this to church as well, but this one is so cute you could really wear it anywhere.  All outfit details are linked below.

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I am wearing a size small and I am 5’5″ for length reference.

All images on this post can be saved to your Pinterest boards!  Share the post for your other girl bosses out there too!  Thanks so much for coming by the blog today and I love you guys and your support! -Mattison <3

Check out some more great work wear here, or some of my favorite casual looks here.


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