Our wedding has been one of the most anticipated posts to write and I have been so excited to share it with you all.  We got our wedding photos back just before the holidays and we have been so incredibly busy since then.  I am going to be creating a lot of wedding content from everything on planning our own wedding, my bachelorette weekend, wedding gown shopping and more on our amazing year of engagement.  This post will include everything about our wedding day in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  I am also going to share the rest of our wedding weekend in a separate post including our rehearsal dinner, beach bonfire, and my bridal luncheon.

It was 6am on September 30, 2017 as I woke up, anxious, emotional, and eager to marry the man of my dreams.  Shane and I had chosen to write our own vows months ago, but I never could get in the moment enough to finish mine.  I had jotted down a few things here and there that I wanted to include but it wasn’t until the morning of that they all came together.  I was the first one up in the house and I got myself a cup of coffee and went out onto the oceanfront porch of our condo to watch the sunrise and finish my vows.  I was flooded with emotions and somehow found the perfect words to say to the man who was about to be my husband.  By then the rest of the house was slowly coming to life and I spent the morning with my daddy on the patio (still an emotional wreck I might add).

It was a beautiful morning without a cloud in the sky (yet) and due to some scheduling issues with the venue, we were not able to have a rehearsal the night before, so we had it that morning.  I liked doing this because the wedding party was able to help set up tables, chairs, decor, etc.. and I was able to help everyone place things as I had envisioned.  Not that they needed me there because I had a binder with every single detail lined out as it was supposed to be and it was going to be wonderful.  We set things up, rehearsed, and went on our way to get ready for the big day. (And no, I was not worried about seeing the groom before the wedding… I mean I was in nike shorts and a tank top people… not my gown.)

We split ways and the groomsmen went to hang out, watch football and whatever, the bridesmaids went back to our condo to get out hair done and get ready.  We ordered lunch trays from Public up the street and they were wonderful, I highly recommend them for anything like this.  Just as I started my makeup, I look outside and the sky begins to get dark, the wind begins to blow and my heart sinks to the floor.  The wedding day that we had planned was about to turn for the worst.  My initial thought was, I bet it will just sprinkle here and not rain at the venue… after all we had all prayed it NOT to rain for months and there was only a 10% chance of rain so it totally wasn’t going to rain right?… it poured for an hour straight… and I mean poured.  My mom and aunts were on their way to the venue to take the flowers around 2pm and when they arrived, everything was completely soaked, knocked over, or ruined.  The wedding programs were no longer legible, the signs had been washed out, and the linens and chairs were completely soaked.  You know how they say that family is the most important thing?  Well that is a dang fact if I’ve ever heard one.  This wedding would not have happened without my family.  Tables and linens were stripped, my cousin and uncle filled a whole SUV with wet tablecloths and took them to the only laundromat in the area to dry them, chairs were dried by every towel available in our condos, another cousin went to a local printer and got new programs printed, my mom and aunts and cousins were crazily moving everything that was outside into the smaller inside area where we were only planning on having the buffet and cocktail hour.  It was a madhouse and THEY made it happen for me and Shane.  I am forever grateful and although it was not everything I had pictured it to be it was still wonderful.  And thank goodness they moved everything inside because we were poured on again during the reception.  Thanks Florida…And yes we did have a rain back-up but the forecast didn’t call for rain so we didn’t use it initially.

Back at the condo, we were carrying along and getting ready for the wedding because it was happening come rain of shine.  But we were hoping for shine.  The weather cleared up we took our bridesmaid photos with our photographer, I did a first look with my dad and awaited my mom’s return from the venue.  The limo had taken the groomsmen and Shane to the venue and returned for us, but I was not leaving without my mom.  I knew she had been busting ass all day and if she had walked in that house and us been gone, she would have collapsed.  So she walks in a little past 5 and yells “It’s gonna be awesome!!!” We head to the limo and just like that it starts to rain again.  With much anticipation and anxiety about having an outdoor ceremony, we all held hands and said a prayer to hold off the rain. And it did.

We are still waiting to get the photos back of the groomsmen before the wedding, but we have this one photo that the DJ took before the ceremony of the guys and they all looked so sharp.

My Something Blue

This is a heart cut out of one of my dad’s old work shirts.  I wanted this to be my something blue because for as long as I can remember, my dad wore a blue short sleeve pocket button down shirt and wranglers to work every single day.  This heart in my dress represents all those days of hard work for our family and my dad’s love for us.

The Ceremony

A little fashionably late to the wedding we arrive and it was the most beautiful ceremony I had ever been a part of.  My uncle was the officiant, a man who has been married for 53 years and a second father to me, and I truly took his words to heart.  The ceremony was definitely my favorite part of the day.  My bridesmaids looked stunning, the groomsmen were so handsome, and I got to marry my best friend against all obstacles… and it didn’t rain.

The Reception

Being a southern girl and marrying an even more southern man, we wanted a southern wedding.  Which means a delicious southern meal.  I loved the food we served at our reception: chicken fried chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans.  And we got to keep the leftovers, so the next day we had all the family over to the condo and enjoyed it again!  The reception was kind of a blur to me because everything happened so fast.  Our DJ got the wrong version of our first dance song so that was pretty funny but we went along with it, and after dinner the dance floor was popping!  We ordered these fun light sticks for the dance floor and they were a major hit.  We also used these drink koozies for the reception and for our beach bonfire the night before and we all loved them.  One of our favorite parts of the night was the after party.  Something you may not know about us is that Shane and I met on spring break in college in Destin, FL.  We booked a party bus for the wedding party to take to the bar that we met after the reception.  It was awesome!!! I highly recommend our driver if you’re looking for a party bus in the area.

Our first dance song was “Who I Am” by Aaron Watson, my dance with my dad wad “Daddy” by Abby Anderson (it was a real tear jerker) Shane and his mom did a mix of songs and it was so fun!!

Rain aside, our wedding was absolutely wonderful.  Crazy stressful, but what wedding isn’t right? We are so thankful for everyone who was a part of our day and especially to those who helped make it happen.  We had a wonderful weekend in the Florida gulf and I can’t wait to go back and share more memories there with our family and friends.

Wedding Vendor Details

Venue- Eden Gardens State Park Santa Rosa Beach, FL (beautiful… but not the best to work with)

Catering- Cracker Barrel Destin (highly recommend)

Bartender and Waitstaff- Parties Unlimited (highly recommend)

DJ- Roger Martinez Jr

Cake- Publix Bakery Watercolor, FL (they were fabulous to work with)

Rentals- RSVP Destin

Flowers- We ordered bulk online from Sam’s Club and made the arrangements ourselves.

Day of Coordinator- Monica Blowes (highly recommend)

Photographer- Irina Nikole Photography (gorgeous photos as you can see)

Groom & Groomsmen Attire- Navy Traveler Suit and Silver Ties from Jos. A Bank

Bridesmaid Attire: Dresses-  Lulu’sBridesmaid T-Shirts– I ordered these and had them locally screen printed.

Bridal Gown- Casablanca #2254 from Lasting Bridal Couture in Addison, TX.  My consultant was Jillian and I loved her!!

Bride’s Shoes- Nine West (they were so comfortable, I didn’t stick in the grass, and I wore them all night)

Bride’s Earrings- Nadri

If you have any questions about planning your wedding in the Destin/ 30A area, please leave me a comment and I would love to give you some more insight on my planning experience.  If you liked the post or found some wedding inspo, all my photos can be pinned directly to your own Pinterest boards.  Thank you for coming by my site and sharing the love. -Mattison

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